8 May 2021

Into Oblivion

Basanta Regmi

Into Oblivion

As I stood under the sun

watching the sky 

limited by my eyesight,

it started to flow into me

and became limitless

when I closed my eyes.

The setting sun sparkled 

on the passing clouds

moving steadily, 

painting the sky with poetry 

whose words allowed the clouds

to shed the abandoned tears

in the form of rain. 

And the lonely wind

grazing on the graveyard of emotions

blow straight into my face

transferring its heaviness

like sunlight falling on the black surface,

testing my nerves everyday

that are already swollen with pain.

I am not sure

What is more dangerous?

The words locked inside

yet to become a poem.

Or the ones already written

but drifting helplessly

in the universe.


Let the music melt into your bones 

And take you to a place 

Up in the sky, 

Where the moons sleeps 

On the bed of the clouds,

Care free as a child

And the stars singing him lullaby.

Do not worry about the dawn.

The sun will set again

And it’s going to be yet another beautiful night.


The black sky

on a full moon night,

filled with emptiness

like a vessel full of water

to which the thoughts

of my head collide

to create a stir

and slowly the emptiness

starts to drip,

permeating into me

to create a calm

like never before.

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